This little one cried and squeaked with her last strength so that they would pay attention to her

Katie is a resident of Quebec, a province in Canada, and she was at work at the clinic that day. Then she got out of there and went to the parking lot in order to quickly go home, since the day was cold and the rain poured down like a bucket.

And right next to the car there was a faint, pitiful squeak. Keti began to look for where it came from and it turned out that the place of the sound is the corner between two trees, where garbage is usually taken out.

There she found this cat, which was soaked to the skin. The woman was able to catch him and carry him to her car, and the kitten hissed incessantly and tried to scratch, but then he realized that they wanted to help him and quieted down.


So they went home together. At home, the woman and her children gave the foundling food to eat and then washed and warmed it, because in a few hours under a downpour it was very cold. It was a girl and she was given the nickname Whippet.

At home, they also had a cat Oreo, who was immediately interested in a new guest.However, since the baby was still too fragile and Oreo’s reaction could turn out to be unpredictable, at first she was hidden from the big cat.

And just a few days ago, the Whippeys introduced the Oreo. It turned out that their fears were completely unfounded, since the couple immediately took root together and they played, ate, and had fun without departing from each other.

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