This owner raised the biggest puppy in the world. So he revived a prehistoric breed

The largest puppy in the world officially recognized by the Guinness Book of Records, lives in the USA, Utah. The unusually large dog has just turned 9 months old, its weight is more than 80 kilograms with a height of about two meters if it stands on its hind legs.

The giant’s name is Euphrates and he belongs to a new breed American Molossians, bred in an attempt to revive the ancient breed of Mesopotamian Molossians, which died out about 7 thousand years ago.

According to historians, in ancient times these dogs were used for combat purposes during military operations, as well as to protect the palaces of rulers.

In addition to its impressive dimensions,Euphrates is also distinguished by its wolf appetite: a puppy eats eight times more than a normal-sized adult dog.

The dog is also incredibly strong.The owner of Euphrates, 41-year-old Jared Hauser, is a very large strong man himself, but even he cannot keep the dog on a leash during a walk.

Euphrates is so powerful that even the standard display of dog joy, wagging its tail, can easily knock a grown man off his feet. And when playing with an adult female pit bull in a tug of war, Euphrates always comes out the winner.

Hauser says that Euphrates is a very friendly and devoted dog who is happy to communicate with others and especially shows sympathy for the fairer sex and children. However, the dog is an excellent defender who is able to protect his owners and their property from any criminal encroachments of ill-wishers.

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