This puppy makes every effort to keep his sandcastles safe from the sea waves

Dogs can always think that they can defeat everyone and always, under any circumstances.

That’s just nature, and in particular, water waves think in a completely different way. After all, water does not care at all about the dog and what it thinks.

And one video of a quarrel between water and a dog went viral, almost instantly gaining more than one million views. And in fact, its essence is extremely simple.

The puppy was digging holes in the sand, right next to the sea. Perhaps it even seemed to him that he was building real sandcastles.

But the trouble is – new waves constantly prevented the puppy from making that very ideal building.

Obviously, the baby clearly could not calculate the distance from the sand to the water, so that later he could feel completely safe.

And at some point, he began to try to reach the waves, as well as scold them for what they are doing. Water came to his hole and went back, and the baby himself still could not calm down and did everything to keep all his buildings in perfect condition.

But you can’t do anything with nature, it can set the rules itself. And what a pity that the puppy has not yet understood the very elementary truth, which, in fact, is fundamental in our world.

After all, such a struggle with water can be waged at least throughout your life!

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