This puzzle is really viral: Where is the briefcase? Very few people have succeeded in this challenge!

Challenges provide people with a source of healthy entertainment, and this riddle is no exception. It’s designed to entertain you because it’s not easy to solve at all. In fact, only 3% of the people in the editorial team and my circle have managed to solve it. So, what should you do? Find out where the briefcase is in the photo.

A challenge is an activity that tests your cognitive ability to accomplish a specific task. However, it’s important to note that all our activities require the use of brain functions, involving numerous neuronal connections distributed across different regions of the brain to effectively interact with our environment and process information from various sources.

Before you start searching, we want to inform you that there is no time limit to say «I found it» in this challenge, but the faster you go, the better.

It’s a game where you need to be observant, so take your time and analyze each detail carefully. Now that you know what to do, go ahead.

Have you found the briefcase in this illustration?

If yes, how long did it take you?

While everyone who participated in the viral challenge reported enjoying it, few managed to find the briefcase.

That’s why we will now share its location.

Would you like to participate in more challenges?
This viral challenge has entertained many people, but believe us when we say it’s not the only one. If you’d like to participate in more challenges, know that we have many on our site. They all have the same goal: to entertain people.

So remember, if you don’t want to continue having fun with tests and challenges, definitely do not click here.

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