This sable could become someone’s fur coat, but the girl bought the baby and made it her favorite pet

When the girl Evgenia stumbled upon a picture of a wild sable on one resource on the Web, she instantly fell in love with this charming animal and began to collect information about them.
It is no secret that sable fur is one of the most valuable in the world, as it is very thick, silky and has a beautiful sheen.

But the worst thing is that in order to get one sable coat, people take the lives of forty to ninety sables. In our country, the demand for this type of fur is only increasing and people are still trying to demonstrate their status and wealth in a similar way.

Although all over the world it is no longer considered shameful. Our people lack empathy and awareness. In our country, people are still fans of fur and it comes to the point that people from sable fur make not only fur coats, but also rugs, carpets and much more.

According to available information, there are up to seven dozen farms in Russia that use sables for fur. This animal was also destined for a similar fate, and the girl said that she could buy him out of the fur factory, which she did.

So they live together, enjoying the joint life and recreation. Although it wasn’t easy to tame the obstinate animal. Scream is active, capricious and loves to steal things, but at the same time, she is very smart. Given the circumstances, she still doesn’t recommend keeping them at home.

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