This seal received a huge fish cake as a gift for his 31st birthday. His reaction was just incredible…

There is no better occasion to express your tender feelings for someone than his birthday. This statement was also agreed by the workers of one British reserve, who considered that their pets are no worse and also deserve such an attentive attitude.

The fate of the Yullog seal was quite interesting, full of various twists and turns, and he has something to be grateful to people for. More than 30 years ago, as a tiny cub, he was rescued and settled in a marine park in the north of the UK.

However, in a short time, the organization was closed and the seal was released, however, he was deprived of the skills to independently obtain food and could not survive in his natural habitat at all.

In addition, he was very used to people and the park staff did not take this circumstance into account and thought that it would be better for Yollong in the wild.

He began to swim on the coast towards people in the hope of food.People began to complain about it, because the seal scared them and then the animal protection organization caught him and sent him to the reserve. Note that the poor fellow was severely emaciated and weighed four times less than normal.

Now he is 31 years old and this date is a whole event, since in the wild there are practically no cases of a seal living longer than 25 years, and in the case of Yollong, his longevity was all the more amazing. Moreover, he was very vigorous and healthy.

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