This sheepdog and the dog handler spent together for many years.Then he went to visit her in retirement

All animal lovers can be touched by stories about service dogs that take on with their touchingness. Especially heartbreaking are cases when a faithful dog is forced to retire. reaching advanced age.

Very often such dogs of retirement age end up in shelters and receive an unenviable fate. But our story is happy and doesn’t fit into the described standard.So its ending is quite in the spirit of a happy ending.

Wangwang from the Chinese province of Henan is one such working dog that is often selected from the German Shepherd breed. She served for more than eight years and then retired to enjoy your peace.

Fortunately the family was ready to shelter her and he was found quite quickly and the owners provided their pet with all the conditions for a dignified life.

So Wangwang broke up with his mentor but he was incredibly attached.

But this isn’t the end of the story and don’t be sad ahead of time. Breakup with the cynologist-mentor wasn’t forever.

The man over the long years of working with Wangwang, managed to become so attached to him that he decided to visit him and eyewitnesses who were touched by this meeting filmed it on camera and posted it on social networks.

The dog noticed the cynologist whom it was incredibly attached, rushed towards him like a bullet waving its tail, ran in circles and then lay on back and let pet him.

Unfortunately in that time the man was in a hurry to work and had to leave. But he promised that he would often visit his pet because they both can’t live without each other.

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