This spaniel nearly went under with the iron tied. But he dived and swam well

The woman had a day off and she went to visit relatives. Driving across the bridge, Olza came across a completely wet dog, which was standing on the side of the road.

The woman slowed down and ran towards her. The animal was shaking from the cold, and its neck was tied a heavy metal weight. It was obvious that people wanted to get rid of it in such a terrible way by throwing it into the river, and the metal was tied so that the dog wouldn’t swim out.

However, this amazing dog still managed to swim to the shore. Olya was unable to release the animal from the load, so she immediately transferred to a car and went to the veterinary clinic.

There was an examination and the dog was helped. Olga gave the spaniel the nickname Black and he immediately became attached to his savior. They became very good friends. The woman showed love and care for her, and Black, in turn, was a faithful and devoted pet.Moreover he was distinguished by great intelligence and ability to learn.

The dog was kind and obedient.He never ceased to thank the owner for the care , because he was deprived of tenderness on the part of a person. He tries to protect her and protect her from all dangers, even if they are so small.

The Spaniel is optimistic and energetic, loves guests and enjoys his new life in a comfortable home.

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