Three adorable kittens were thrown like garbage, but they were found and sheltered, giving love

Three abandoned cats came to the volunteers to ask for food. To save them from starvation with a gruesome end, one of them lured them into a cat carrier to get them off the streets.

They took the cats home and did the standard treatment. After talking with them, they were completely sure that these were domestic cats that someone had thrown out into the street.

One of them constantly demanded affection, he was given the nickname James. All four kittens were named after the characters of Harry Potter, Sirius, James and Lupin.

The volunteer contacted the cat housekeeping organization to ask if they had a place for these three rogues.And, fortunately, they were sent to a foster family.

Also, animal rights activists were very upset that these kittens were thrown into starvation and told about it on a site dedicated to animals.And, fortunately, he managed to get through to one of them.

There was a man who was ready to adopt them all together and, at the same time, he decided to come after them a considerable distance, from thousands of kilometers, just to give happiness and faith in people to abandoned fluffies.

He immediately filed an adoption request and the joy of the volunteers knew no bounds. They couldn’t imagine that a person is ready to cross four states and pick them up together so that the crumbs do not have to be separated.

The couple flew to the airport in the state where the kittens were, then rented a car and only got there late in the evening to adopt these cute kitties into their family.

The family decided to drive 11 hours ago because they didn’t want the flight to strain their new pets.

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