Tired pit bull was chained to a tree and three days later the rescued dog gave birth to 13 cubs

Often, owners are disappointed in a pet or realize that they aren’t able to take care of it. This, of course, is sad, but often people solve this issue in a civilized way.

At the same time, volunteers, from their own experience assure that the dog’s behavior in no way depends on its breed or a loving owner… the animal is always well-mannered and harmless, and it is difficult to disagree with them.

The dog, chained to a tree in a deserted area, was discovered at the beginning of the year by a young girl named Cynthia. It turned out to be a purebred pit bull terrier. Pit Bulls are the most popular dog breed in the United States and are most usually seen in American shelters when owners turn in their unwanted dogs.


But many are afraid of pit bulls, considering them aggressive. But this dog, despite the hunger and thirst, remained completely calm and friendly. In addition, she could hardly move, she was so pregnant. The girl gave her the nickname Blue and took her to the nearest shelter.

In the veterinary department, Blue was given a separate room. Finally, she was given everything she needed to rest and relax, including warm blankets, food and water, and toys to chew on.

Very soon she gave birth to 13 cubs and Blue turned out to be a very caring mother. Despite the feeling of fatigue, she took care and fed all 13 cubs, and soon all of them, like Blue herself, managed to be attached.

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