Touching reaction of a dog who was congratulated on its birthday

Recently, an elderly dog named Daisy turned 15 years old. The owners decided to arrange a whole celebration for the pet and she couldn’t hide her gratitude!

A chihuahua named Daisy from the USA recently celebrated her 15th birthday. The owners decided to arrange a celebration for their dog to call relatives and friends who love Daisy and make a cake. They have prepared everything for a significant day.

During the holiday, Daisy was immensely happy. She was surrounded by attention, and it was clear that she was very grateful for this. The main feature of the evening was a big cake, which featured a “copy” of Daisy in the form of a cream figurine.

Daisy was pleased and happy: “When we took out the cake and brought it to Daisy, her eyes shone and she smiled with happiness. She felt all the love that surrounded her,” says the owner.

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