Two decently dressed men were rummaging through a garbage can. They did everything to save the dogs

The couple were driving back home, tired in the pre-New Year’s fuss. Suddenly, was heard a soft and mournful cry . They were sure that it was a puppy and, forgetting about everything, went in search of him.

Desperate crying continued, but the dog couldn’t be found. Tatyana began to look around and saw a trash can in the middle of the yard and just then, a terrible assumption occurred to her.

Tanya and her husband approached and began to listen and already became sure that the crying was coming from there, from the very middle of the urn. They started rummaging around, discarding waste, but didn’t even think about it.

People looked in bewilderment at this very decent-looking couple, who were rummaging through a dumpster. Finally, they found what they were looking for and took out a package from the urn, in which there was not one, but two dogs at once, who were already barely breathing.

The girl began to persuade her husband to take them home, because due to the cruelty of people, the crumbs simply wouldn’t survive. She thought they didn’t have a chance, she just wanted them to at least be warm and not experience much pain.

Husband and wife brought two cubs home and Tanya wrapped them in her warm shawl and laid them next to the batteries. The baby girl was still breathing and she began to gently rub it, although she didn’t hope for their salvation and simply went crazy with cruelty.

In the that time, the cub whom she was warming, began to move and a heartbeat was heard.And then she noticed how the shawl near the battery quietly began to move; both babies were alive.

She and her husband decided to take care of these crumbs and the first months were very difficult, but their efforts gave their results. And three months later, two happy and active dogs were running around the house.

Tatyana gave the boy to her friends, and left the girl for herself, giving the nickname Buisana.

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