Two dog friends fell in love with an adorable cat that was adopted by the owner

The man had two dogs, Ogden and Axel. The pets got along well and were best friends for many years, they also loved their owner very much. One day, Cleo the cat appeared in their male company, which made a difference in their routine.

Although Axel and Ogden were good friends, they immediately became rivals for Cleo’s attention. Ogden proved to be more resolute in the fight for the attention of the cat, he from the first day began to win her sympathy with the help of gifts. On the first day, the dog gave Cleo his toy, which the baby really liked.

In the morning, the owner of the animals saw that Cleo was sleeping. In one day, the dog was able to charm the baby, she slept next to him, and when she was awake, she crawled with interest over the big dog.

Axl appeared to be more shy, although he also had a liking for the cat. One day he decided to approach Cleo, they became friends and now she often settled down to sleep next to the big and warm Aksel.

At night, the three of them went to bed, although each animal had its own corner, equipped for them by the owner.

Cleo has grown into a charming cat, the owner of the animals says that she is the real queen in the house and commands the dogs as she pleases. The cat pays attention to both dogs, so the dogs managed to maintain their friendship, they accept Cleo’s affection.

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