Unusual friendship between rescued piggy Laura and cat Marina

Love knows no limits and today’s heroes are clear proof of this. In the pictures, we see how the tiny pig Laura, who was dressed up in a very cute dress, hugs her kitten friend.

It turned out that this piglet is quite famous.He has his own Facebook page, which tells about his life, as well as photos and videos with his participation. Laura was found by his owners at the slaughterhouse and decided to save her.

Laura quickly adapted to the new home, and his behavior doesn’t differ from the behavior of other pets.

The owners have a special shelter for animals that were also doomed to slaughter. It is located in the capital of Chile in Latin America.

Chickens, a pig, a calf with a lamb, a goose and some other animal species live in the shelter. The pets are cared for by a group of volunteers. If necessary, they are treated both physically and helped to recover from emotional upheavals.

The owners apply an individual approach to each rescued animal and are active members of the animal protection organization that opposes violence against animals. They demand the closure of businesses that raise animals for meat, eggs, dairy products and often these animals are kept in terrible conditions.

Now our heroine Laura lives a comfortable life and, among all the inhabitants of the farm, she prefers communication with the cat Maria. Between them from the very beginning there was a tender friendship and they are almost inseparable.

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