Velvet cats look like tiny kittens, even if they are already adults

These wild cats live in deserts and are not often found in catteries and even zoos. Unless you can find information about them on the net. This type of cat lives in Asia and more precisely in the expanses of the Central Asian republics, in Pakistan, and is also found in North Africa.

Áàðõàííàÿ êîøêà — êðàñèâîãî ðàñêðàñà äèêàÿ êîøêà.

Extreme natural conditions are not a problem for her.Rocky and desert regions are quite their natural habitat, and minimal vegetation is enough for them to survive, although cats can even do without it.

Much less often this species is found in coastal areas, and even here they adapt to rocky ramparts and clayey salt marshes.

Despite the fact that these cats are very hardy, they are very tiny in size and resemble domestic cats rather than wild cats.They are no higher than 30 cm, and their maximum length is 90 cm, and half of this figure is a very long tail.

Velvet cats can be seen as soon as it gets dark in the desert, but in the daytime they prefer to sleep.

The animal does not build dwellings for itself, but adjusts itself in the burrows of foxes, porcupines, and various rodents that have already been abandoned. The harsh natural conditions have made the character of these cats very hardened.They are resistant to both cold and heat and can not drink for a very long time, receiving a share of the liquid along with food.

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