Villagers tried to catch a dog for three months whose head and neck were stuck in a piece of pipe

Villagers spent three months to catch this black dog. It had to turn to the help of volunteers, but the dog, seeing them, also quickly ran away.It reacted to all people in this way .

And they left her food in a bowl, went away and began to observe. The animal got hungry and came up to eat.And the camera next to the bowl filmed that the pipe was bent, which means that the dog’s neck was deformed and no one knew why she got into such trouble.

She wasn’t able to protect herself from other dogs, breathe and eat and her condition deteriorated very quickly. The pipe began to rub the wound and the volunteers had to leave with a brigade and with difficulty catch it with a net and quickly take it to the veterinarian.

Her neck was swollen, so the tube couldn’t be pulled out but had to be carefully cut. The wounds were very deep. Everything indicated that this was the work of a man, and it was for this reason that she was so terribly afraid of people.

She had to go through a lot, but fortunately now she is in good hands.They take care of her and try to restore faith in a person.And after treatment they will be placed in a permanent family.

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