Visual test: if you find the number 82 in just 16 seconds, you have sharp vision.

Exercise your mind and engage in a new skill game that tests your attention to detail and your powers of observation. In the challenge we present to you today, you must be quick to find the final solution. In fact, you will have only 16 seconds to find the number 82 hidden in the test image.

A new visual challenge is sweeping social media and measures your powers of observation and attention to detail. In the image below, many 8Zs are arranged side by side. However, hidden among them is the number 82. It’s up to you to find it in time and demonstrate your visual skills.

This type of pastime helps keep the mind alert and youthful. Furthermore, they contribute to brain development through the reasoning and concentration on which intellectual games and puzzles are based.

The 16 seconds have now passed. If you were unable to solve the test within the set limit, don’t be discouraged. Only with constant practice will you notice improvements at the brain level. In this case, attention to detail made the difference, and distinguishing the only number 82 among the 8Zs present was not simple.

Solution: Here is where the number 82 is located in this visual test

The number 82 is inside the black circle, at the top right of the image. If you were able to solve this visual test within the time limit, congratulations. You have remarkable visual ability.

Don’t stop and continue to exercise your mind. Only then will you improve more and keep your brain active and alert.

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