What was the fate of the puppy, over which the veterinary students «practiced»

The story of a puppy named Lucky interested many. The baby ended up on the street when he was not even two weeks old, and then fell into the hands of veterinary students who trained on him to perform orthopedic operations that the baby did not need at all. When Lucky could no longer serve as a test subject, he was simply thrown out, left in the trash heap, as if he were garbage.

The puppy was all wrapped in bandages and could not leave or get his own food, fortunately, kind people noticed him. They took the puppy to the veterinarian, but in a clinic in Dagestan they were only offered to amputate the paw, which had suffered at the hands of half-educated veterinarians.

Anya did not accept herself to such a decision and mated with us, so Lucky ended up in Moscow. The treatment was not easy, and rehabilitation took a very long time. Lucky performed 2 operations, for the payment of which we spent several fees. Doctors did the almost impossible — the crippled paw was cured, it is fully functional.

During the time spent in the clinic, Lucky turned from a puppy into a beautiful dog, who eventually forgot all the bad things that happened to him at the beginning of his life.

The kid turned out to be kind and grateful, he sincerely rejoices at every little thing and any manifestation of attention, the ability to move freely, and not jump on 3 paws, made him truly delighted.

Although many people learned about Lucky and were constantly interested in his fate, it was not possible to find an owner for him immediately, but the dog really turned out to be Lucky, because he was taken by the best “mother” for him, who surrounded him with love and warmth.

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