When a baby appeared in the family, the dog did not leave her

A dog named Taco lives happily with his family in the United States. A little over a year ago, an addition happened in the family the daughter of Vanora was born to the parents. When the baby was brought home, the parents at first were afraid of the reaction of the dog, but then they realized that all the excitement was completely in vain.

Tako immediately developed warm feelings for the girl. He literally didn’t leave her, in every possible way protected and gently licked. Every morning he waited in front of the nursery door to be opened and let in to Vanora. He was incredibly happy to spend time with her!

When Vanora played, ate, or just lay on the mat, Tako always lay next to her and looked at her with a caring look. “Over time, Tako got used to the fact that she becomes more active, interacts with him more and squeezes him. He always treats her very patiently and carefully,” the owners say.

When the girl began to walk, the fun increased.The two ran, played together and just enjoyed each other’s company. He had to get used to the fact that now all the toys and attention go not only to him and shared toys with her. But even if Tako took away the toys, then he calmly returned them to the little mistress.

Taco taught the girl a lot.She already understands that he is a full-fledged member of the family, and loves him with all her heart. Now Vanora is more than a year old, and she and her dog are inseparable friends. There is a special strong bond between them, and parents are very happy about it!

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