The act of the owner of a blind and deaf dog touched even the police!

A few days ago, two policemen driving through Heidelberg West, Australia noticed something very unusual. Agree, it’s not every day that you get to see a doggie who rides on his own in a tiny car.

Officer Linda Giblett said that at first she couldn’t believe her eyes. Of course, the police considered it their duty to stop and check everything.

Soon, the little fluffy motorist was caught.

What is the crime of a pet? What did he violate? Was the kid driving under the influence of alcohol?

By the way this is exactly what the police wrote in the report, wiping away tears that came out of laughter.

So why was the dog traveling without a driver’s license?

Of course, the dog didn’t drive the car by himself. His owner was next to him, holding the toy control panel in his hands.Everything that happened, it turns out was very simple to explain.

The owner of the animal told wht was the matter. The dog named Buddy is already old, besides he is blind and deaf. Why do you think why he ended up in the car? The owner bought it especially for the pet, so that he can enjoy the fresh air without tiring his paws.

This story is both funny and touching at the same time. The pet is very lucky.His owner loves him, no matter what! A person takes care of a friend even when he has become old and infirm.

Of course, the officers released little Buddy with a verbal warning. And although they had plenty of fun and laugh, they still had much more in their souls than just memories of a funny situation.

Now people know exactly what the love of owners for their pets looks like!

Thanks to the man for giving so much affection and care to an elderly dog.

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