While the mistress is not at home, the dog steals bread, hides it, but does not eat even a piece…

Some puppies make excellent guard dogs. Here, for example, this six-year-old beauty named Jakey is a cool security guard. True, she uses her skills to protect something unusual.

Most dogs guard the master’s houses, but Jakey set herself a different goal. She looks after the bread belonging to her owners when they leave.

It started four years ago when people needed to go to the farm. Jakey’s owner, Katrina Frank, says that every time they left the house, the dog hid the bread.

By the way, Jakey has an amazing sense of smell.She will find pastries wherever they hide them. The second Katrina leaves the house, the dog looks for the bread wrapped in polyethylene and does everything possible to keep her “treasure” safe.

There is a bread box on the farm that Jakey will certainly get wherever he hides. The girl tried to leave the bread box in the pantry, but the dog opens the door and pulls it out. The same thing happens if she hide it in the refrigerator.. the four-legged prankster easily opens the door.

The funny thing is that Jakey, working as a “bread guard”, never allowed herself to eat even a small piece. A smart dog ensures that other pets in the house don’t do the same.

Perhaps the baby believes that bread is the most valuable thing that the owners have? Maybe she thinks so because people often eat it? It is interesting to find out what is going on in the head of the pet.

The dog likes to hide the bread behind the sofa and lie proudly next to it. Sometimes she puts the «treasure» in the closet in Katrina’s bedroom.

When the owner returns home, Jakey leads her to the hidden bread, making a guilty expression on her face. The girl is already used to the quirks of the dog and knows what happens when she is not around.

If the house suddenly runs out of bread, the dog is not at all embarrassed and begins to hide cookies or sweet pastries.

And what will happen if there is nothing at all made from flour in the house? Then Jakey will take care of the oil.

So Katrina is confident that food is completely safe while she is not at home! With such a guard, the family is definitely not in danger of hunger.

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