Woman turns home into shelter for over 250 dogs

This amazing woman is called Helen Wirth and her whole life is dedicated to the care and rescue of dogs that were without a roof over their heads.

She adopted approximately 250 needy dogs. And the most amazing thing is that until the age of 50 she didn’t have a single dog.But the situation changed with the appearance of Baldwin.

When our heroine experienced the loss of her parents in her life and divorced her husband, she lost the meaning of life. However, after some time, she received as a gift Baldwin, a dog who needed a loving mistress.

Despite the fact that her first pet, Baldwin, has already passed away, she already has over 250 dogs that she takes care of every day.

The woman does not do it herself.Over the years the number of people working on the project has increased. She arranged for every dog that comes to Dogland to be fed, medically examined, vaccinated, spayed or neutered and, of course, entertained.Wirth donates most of the project’s funding from his savings.

The woman is originally from Austria and studied finance before working for the government of that country for several years before starting her own tax consulting company.

And she moved to sunny Costa Rica 30 years ago and since 1997 has devoted the lion’s share of her income to caring for pets.

She isn’t rich, but this doesn’t prevent her from sparing nothing for her pets.

Wirth considers the pets her family and only accepts them if she provides them with a better life than in a shelter. In addition, the woman understands that everything she does is just a drop in the ocean, but even one rescued dog is a great good.

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