Young people noticed the dog in the yard under the balcony and followed it with a laundry basket

Danny was standing on the balcony with his girlfriend talking about his work and suddenly the young man looked down and noticed a dog on the grass.

At first it occurred to him that she had gone for a walk with her master and then tired, she lay down to rest on the grass.But looking closer, they realized that there were no people around and they hurried down, taking a laundry basket.

They also took a piece of turkey and water for the dog, but for some reason she did not want to drink. Then the guy decided to take her to his apartment, and the dog all this time was absolutely indifferent and didn’t react to anything.

After the couple bought a special dog shampoo to treat them for fleas. From bathing the dog was not delighted, but courageously endured everything. On the same day, all the accessories were bought for her.

As soon as the dog ate, she began to vomit, the guy and the girl gave her water and food again, but the situation repeated itself. They took her to the vet and they diagnosed her with a blockage in her digestive organs.

It turned out that the pet, in order to survive on the street he ate everything and her intestines and stomach were full of plastic, plastic bags, etc.

The operation required a lot of money, but the couple, who did not even plan to have a pet, and even more so, to treat him, realized that they could not leave him in such a state.

Fortunately, she was successfully operated on and now the dog has settled with them forever.

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