You’re one of the best if you manage to spot the lemon in the room within 8 seconds.

«In this puzzle, there’s a lemon hidden in the bedroom. Can you spot it in 8 seconds? Optical illusions are visual phenomena where our brain perceives something different from reality, sometimes leading us to believe in the existence of things that aren’t real or showing us things that don’t actually exist.

In ancient times, these illusions were often interpreted as witchcraft, demons, or evil spirits. However, scientists later discovered that these illusions result from tricks our brain plays due to different perceptions.

Optical illusion images are typically created using simple shapes like triangles, circles, squares, rectangles, etc. These shapes are arranged in various ways to evoke the illusion.

The goal is to perceive what’s not actually there or what is hidden from plain sight.

Are you ready to take on a complex challenge that will give you a run for your money? If so, let’s start this challenge.

In the challenge above, you can see the interior of a bedroom. The room is quite cluttered, as you can see. An empty water bottle lies on the floor, and the bed is unkempt.

You’ll find stereo systems, paintings, blankets, pillows, books, and CDs. However, something strangely present is also there.

Yes, you guessed it correctly. A lemon is hidden somewhere in this room, and no one seems to be able to find it.

However, we believe it’s possible, which is why we’ve presented you with this optical illusion puzzle. Try to spot the lemon within the given time frame, and you’ll win this challenge.

Are you ready? Let’s begin.

Remember, the time limit for this challenge is 8 seconds.

So, you must find the lemon in 8 seconds or less, or else you’ll lose.

Good luck. We believe in you.

The solution to this optical illusion puzzle is revealed at the bottom of this article. Scroll down to see it when you’re ready.

Solution to the challenge:
You were challenged to find the lemon in the room in 8 seconds.

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