Οnly ρeορle with an I Q 140 can…If you can figure out who the owner is in 30 seconds, you have a lot of attention to detail.

Would you like to take on a fun visual challenge that tests your ability to pay attention to details?

It’s an image depicting a scene with three men. Only one of them is the true owner.

If you can understand it within 30 seconds, it means you pay great attention to details and nuances.

Testing your visual skills and observation ability is a way to stimulate the mind to practice and improve your abilities.

In the image below, you’ll see a representation of a domestic scene with three men: two standing and one comfortably seated.

Based on the provided photo, you must figure out who the true owner is.

You have 30 seconds to solve the visual challenge.

If you manage to find the final solution, it means you pay extraordinary attention to the smallest details.

To solve the puzzle, you actually need to understand which detail makes the difference and who among the three is the owner.

The goal of the game is to stimulate your visual ability to recognize the smallest details in order to independently complete the challenge.

When examining the image closely, you’ll realize it’s crucial to understand who among the three is the owner.

Good concentration will help you solve the test.

However, if your mind isn’t accustomed to this type of challenge, it may be difficult to find the correct answer.

If the 30 seconds have passed and you haven’t solved the game yet, just look below to discover the solution.

The owner is Number 3, and the detail indicating it is the jacket placed on the chair, a sign of ownership.

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