16-year-old Chihuahua has become blind.So his pit bull friend accompanies him everywhere

When Christina Helfer first met Tito four months ago, he was on the brink of the end. He could hardly breathe and was paraplegic. He also had an infected mass on his posterior end and wheezed loudly.

His previous owner became ill and family members were unable to care for him, so he was given to a shelter in New York.

The veterinarian drew up a treatment plan for Tito, and the woman decided to take him home to make him more comfortable. He also began taking medication for a collapsed trachea. And it was in the new house of his saviors that he found his guardian angel.

Christina shares that her pit bull named Frank immediately became attached to this sick and old, so defenseless dog. At first she was worried about how he would accept, because Tito is elderly and not completely healthy. But in vain she worried, since Frank immediately fell in love with the new guest.

Helfer adopted two-year-old Frank last August after he was rescued from a landfill. He was very hungry and covered in scabies mites. She adopted him because he was almost identical to another pit bull named Piper, who was rescued in a similar condition.

Frank still has some anxiety and nervousness about his past, but taking care of Tito seems to calm him down. Tito can’t see or walk, but that doesn’t stop him. He loves to lie down to rest, and also swim in the pool.

Tito even loves to go for walks thanks to Frank, who carries him in the side bag of his dog backpack.

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