5 minutes to decide! The family was in a hurry to pick up the puppy, and now no one regrets this adventure

You know, there are decisions that are made in a matter of seconds? Perhaps before you didn’t even think about something that has now become a reality. Very often this happens when you meet a homeless animal. Just a second ago, you didn’t even think about a pet, and now you’re dragging home a purring kitten with happiness.

Such a story happened to Lyubava Krasnykh. She had to make a spontaneous decision, which the whole family of the girl considers one of the most right in their lives.

A year and a half ago, Lyubava and her family suddenly decided to get a dog. Believe me, the word “suddenly” fits perfectly, because the decision was made in just five minutes. And it took another half an hour to view the latest announcements about the attachment of ponytails on social networks. The girl very quickly found a puppy that she wanted to urgently adopt. And it took another hour to go and pick up the dog.

It was one of the best days in the life of the family. Since a pet named Whiskey appeared in the house, the whole world around has completely changed, becoming a little brighter and kinder.

The dog turned out to be eccentric, but very sweet and kind. For endless tricks, Lyubava sometimes calls her a disaster, but, believe me, no matter what pranks the animal has done, they will never love him less than now.

However, one has only to look at the photo of the dog, as everything immediately becomes clear.This is really a well-groomed and adored dog.

How did you decide to have a tail? Was it a carefully considered or spontaneous decision? Share your story!

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