95% of people couldn’t find․․․ Find the logical error in this image in less than 11 seconds

Logic tests have the extraordinary ability to awaken our curiosity and activate areas of our brain that we often overlook. Keeping our brain activities trained is very important to develop our logical abilities and refine problem-solving techniques.

The brain is a muscle and, as such, requires constant and specific care. What we propose today will stimulate your visual and logical abilities.

Tests of this kind challenge a person’s ability to identify patterns, details, or elements in an image with the aim of solving a puzzle or discovering hidden information.

This type of puzzle often requires unconventional approaches to solve it, encouraging creativity by prompting people to consider different perspectives and solutions. Solving visual challenges can contribute to the development of cognitive skills such as logic, problem-solving, and critical reasoning.

Furthermore, by requiring attention, concentration, and visual acuity, they can improve observation skills and perception of details. Today’s challenge requires eagle eyes and a meticulous search for details within the presented image.

Did you manage to identify within the specified time the small detail incongruent with the rest of the image? If your answer is affirmative, you have excellent logical skills and eagle eyes! But don’t be discouraged if you didn’t notice anything strange because we will reveal the solution.

How many of you noticed the knife in the boy’s cup? A small detail that, if identified, reveals your cognitive abilities and skills.

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