A biologist saw a bear drowning in a lake and rushed to its rescue.

As cities grow and infrastructure develops, encounters between humans and wildlife are becoming more common. In the United States, such situations are not uncommon.

Bears often wander into cities near forests, sometimes even with their entire families. There is already an established procedure for the safe removal of these animals: specialists use tranquilizers to sedate the animal and then transport it back to the forest.

We even have materials about bears falling from trees in American cities. However, this time our furry hero had to fall asleep not in a tree but in the water.

This happened in the state of Florida. The wildlife conservation service received complaints from residents who were afraid to leave their homes because a bear was roaming the streets. Attracted by garbage containers and easy food sources, the bear came into the town looking for a snack.

As usual, they decided to tranquilize the bear and then transport it to a safe location in the forest. Unfortunately, the tranquilizer dose didn’t take effect immediately, and the bear got scared, fleeing from the specialists. It ran to the shore of the bay and decided to swim to the other side.

It was at that moment that the tranquilizer started taking effect: the bear began to weaken and started falling asleep right in the water. Biologist Warwick, who was part of the bear capture team, couldn’t stand idly by, knowing that the animal could drown. He decisively jumped into the water towards the bear.

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