A closed and abandoned cage, covered in abusive words, was found in the park, and inside it, there was a 6-month-old puppy.

One day, a family couple strolling in the park noticed a closed cage with a miserable creature inside. It was a puppy, thrown away along with the cage on the grass, next to where families spend time, children play, and people enjoy ice cream.

How did such a wretched dog end up here? He was abandoned and left to fate, in the hope that someone would notice him and take him home. Perhaps it was assumed that in an atmosphere where there is no place for loneliness and misery, there would be people willing to take him in. An impressive message was written directly on the animal’s body to evoke even more compassion.

His white fur was spoiled by black marker, highlighting the inscriptions. The former owner, the greatest offender, marked the pet’s new, humiliating status as «free.» It was reflected in the inscription «Free» engraved on his side.

Park visitors, approaching closer, saw the unhappy dog with its intelligent, sad eyes, and the inscriptions on its body appeared quite recently. The dog’s former owner didn’t even bother to leave an explanation. Sometimes circumstances come together in such a way that even such a terrible betrayal, like throwing away a loyal four-legged friend, can be understood and forgiven, as long as the animal was not thrown, for example, into a garbage chute and was not completely exhausted. But for such poor creatures, there are angels in the flesh, ordinary people who cannot remain indifferent to another’s sorrow.

The arriving police officers and volunteers admitted that they had never seen anything like this before. They quickly took the dog away from the place to rehabilitate it, place it in a shelter, and find a new home. There was no opportunity to turn to the previous owner anymore, as he should have forever lost this precious being, as friends do not act this way.

First, the shelter staff took the dog to a veterinarian, who assessed her health condition, determined her gender (a girl), and provided the necessary recommendations. Fortunately, it turned out that Marvella was completely healthy. She was only six months old, and it was unclear what she did to deserve such betrayal from her previous owner.

After careful care and removal of the inscriptions from her body, Marvella turned into a fairy-tale-like snow-white beauty. She demonstrated a peaceful and amiable character, despite past offenses. Marvella was energetic, joyful, affectionate, and very obedient. She quickly made friends with other pets in the shelter and adored people immensely. Now she is ready to trust humans again and find her new home, where she will be loved and valued as she deserves.

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