A couple of swans were forced to separate, but no one expected what would happen next

A couple of swans in love surprised a whole group of rescuers, who are sure that birds simply don’t have the kind of long-term memory. However, the story of their reunion touches with its romanticism and proves that these birds have a much higher intelligence and loyal character than we might think.

In winter, residents of a small British town noticed that the female of their favorite pair of swans was injured and urgently called rescuers. Specialists revealed that Bonnie badly injured her paw and had to be urgently evacuated.

Moreover, the rescue team had a rather difficult time, as Bonnie resisted and didn’t want to part with her Clyde.And four people pulled her out of the water at once. Lebed immediately began to be treated, but it took almost a month to fully recover.

Only when the bird was completely healthy, the swan was brought to the lake. And it was then that it happened, then even animal rights activists were surprised.


As soon as they arrived at the place, Bonnie immediately flew towards him. She jumped to her lover and they depicted a heart with swan necks.

People were amazed that swans can remember the events of a month ago, they are able to get bored.And this story once again proved that love can work wonders.

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