A dirty and hungry dog roamed the streets and no one cared about her…

People with their irresponsible, indifferent, and sometimes very cruel attitude cause great harm to animals. So these owners simply drove their dog into the unknown.

So that the dog wouldn’t return back, decided to take it to one of the remote areas on the outskirts of Kursk, adjacent to the forest. At first the dog was looking for a house and wandered the streets, the inhabitants fed her, only now she got it from local stray dogs and she could no longer resist them.

The dog, in order to defend himself, hid in an abandoned, rusty car near the factory.He was all stained with fuel oil from the details of the piece of iron, his fur began to climb and was all bald. People tried to help her and somehow comb out, but it was all to no avail.

And then turned to a group of volunteers. It was they who took the puppy and took it to the doctor. She became clean and tidy and it was in this form that she went to the house of the new caring owners, who simply do not have a soul in her and fell in love with her immediately.

The dog was given the nickname Squirrel, she has her own warm home, the love and care of the owners, and she will never be abandoned again.

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