A few years ago this girl was begging, but what does she look like now

Rita’s father worked as a garbage collector, but of course his salary was not enough for his large family.

It was impossible for children to even go to school, because their parents did not have enough money for things as basic as briefcases, pens and pencils.

Sometimes the family would not eat anything for days.

To help her parents, Rita took to the streets to beg and that’s when she was noticed by photographer Tofer Quinto Burgos.

He arrived in the Philippines for a festival and walked the streets photographing colorful people.

He couldn’t get past Rita.

Her expressive features caught the attention of the photographer and he took a photo with her and then uploaded it to the Internet.

The photo went viral and people wanted to know the story of this beautiful but sad girl.

Since then, Rita’s life has changed dramatically. She has been invited to television shows. She became a sought-after model.

And one woman from the United States even decided to build a new house for Rita’s family with her own money.

Now that the girl is already 17 years old, she put aside the modeling profession a little and with pleasure immersed herself in education.

Perhaps she will resume filming soon, which will delight her fans around the world.

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