A homeless kitten yearned on the street and now grabs a temporary mistress legs, as if asking her not to leave

Baby Dudley stayed on the street where he spent the first two months of his life. Hungry, miserable and very thin, he was looking for at least some food. And of course the little creature needed love and attention.

He was noticed by volunteer Lisa Krakoski, who works with the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando, Florida. The girl took him in her hands and at that moment the baby was finally able to say goodbye to the streets.

Lisa brought him to her house for overexposure. At first, everything seemed unfamiliar to him because Dudley was used to the street. Finally he was able to get used to life in the apartment and felt better. Clean, well-fed, the kitten now slept in a warm bed.

Every day the cat gained weight and literally “bloomed”. But here’s what Lisa noticed. In contrasts to kittens of his age, the baby doesn’t like to play at all. Instead he constantly asks for handles and requires attention.

Probably Dudley who has suffered on the street, is simply afraid to be there again and is doing everything possible to be loved.Apparently he succeeds because the baby doesn’t get tired of turning on the “motor” expressing universal joy about his new life.

The cat literally doesn’t leave Lisa. She jokes that the cat has turned into a shadow that follows the «foster mom» on the heels. If a girl goes somewhere, then he grabs her by the legs as if asking to stay.

If Lisa is sitting, Dudley immediately jumps into her lap and asks for attention. The volunteer says that the kitten is amazingly loyal and spends days with her.


Soon they plan to find kind-hearted owners for him. Lisa is sure that such people will definitely be found. The most important thing is that they love our hero very much, because he is ready to give his heart into reliable hands.

Well, let’s wish this Dudley.

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