A little dog surprised the viewers with its velocity

A small dog named Gabby of the Papillon breed showed so high speed of jogging during the competition.The audience was surprised.

Despite small legs and only 20 cm tall, Gabby jumped over obstacles and ran through pipes and slides so fast that it seemed that she wasn’t running, but flying.

Agility competition is a new sport with a dog.It was invented in England in the late 70s and rapidly gain popularity around the world.

During the run, the dog must pass through a series of obstacles in the form of pipes, rings, posts or swings. The faster and better she does it, the higher the points.

A Papillon competes in the Masters Agility Championship during the AKC and Westminster Kennel Club Meet and Compete event in New York, U.S., February 9, 2019. REUTERS/Andrew Kelly — RC13DA2DEE00

The show, in wich Gabby took part, took place in New York and was so big that it was already nicknamed the Super Bowl of the Canine World. More than 3 thousand dogs from all over the world took part in it.

Gabby won the first place in her class on it, covering the distance in just 39 seconds. She was not the fastest dog in the show, but she won the hearts of all the spectators.

Gabby and her owner Andrea Samuels live in Westbury, New York. Gabby is still quite a young dog and full of energy. Run around and overcome obstacles was a fun game for our little one, nothing more.

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