A picture of a grimy cat has gone viral. Everyone pitied him, but only one saved

At the sight of this poor cat, soaking wet, tears involuntarily roll into his eyes. And when it became known that the poor little monster’s paws were broken, then the heart just breaks from anger and pain.

However, to our great joy, the world isn’t without good people and there were those who expressed their readiness to save this baby. The girl Alena was among them. She noticed the cat and could not remain indifferent, immediately taking him to the veterinarian.

The cat was so frightened that he did not let anyone near him and was very aggressive, which is very natural, because he had every reason not to trust people.Besides this, the poor fellow was in pain.

Unfortunately, he had to endure the amputation of part of his hind legs. Everyone was sure that he would remain the same wildling but this was a mistake. A week later, the cat was discharged from the clinic and the same girl Alena left him in overexposure. She gave him the nickname Marcel and took care of him, following all the doctor’s orders.

During this time, she became so attached to him that she decided that she would leave him forever. Three months later, the wild and frightened cat was simply unrecognizable.

He became incredibly affectionate and sweet, his paws began to heal and he gets along well with other pets at home. While Marcel walks in socks, but as soon as his paws heal, Alena ordered special slippers for him.

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