A puppy that looks very much like a bear cub was taken to a shelter but became a real celebrity

On the social networkings, animals that have an external feature enjoy considerable success. Often these are cats or dogs and they are simply adorable and you cann’t pass them indifferently.


On the footage you can see the cutest pets, but the fact that not all people are able to see such a unique beauty of animals is somewhat frustrating.

So, a breeder who breeds puppies of the Pomeranian breed received offspring once again. But one cub was very different from the rest in its appearance.

He was an unusual size for a Pomeranian and had a thicker coat.The breeder seemed that he wouldn’t be able to sell this unusual cub and for this reason he handed him over to the shelter.

In the shelter, a wonderful baby, similar in appearance to a bear cub, did not stay long. They quickly found a caring owner for him. He was taken in by the owner of an art gallery in New York.

He was given the nickname Gertram and has become a feature of this gallery, where many visitors drop in to admire him.

The girl often takes photos with her pet and posts them on her Instagram page. He already has a large following and has become a true Instagram celebrity.

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