«A Siberian woman took a panther from the zoo, and now it’s running through the snow and befriending a Rottweiler.»

A Siberian resident decided to bring home a small panther named Luna from the local zoo. She took care of her, fed her, and raised her. Over the years, the panther grew up and now enjoys running through the snow, with a large Rottweiler as her closest friend.

Luna was born in a mobile zoo, and her mother rejected her. Victoria, taking a risk and concerned about her future, decided to bring her home and personally feed the little cub with meat and milk.

With time, the panther became strong and accustomed to living alongside humans. Victoria has a large country house with her own enclosed territory. Luna was introduced to Venza, the Rottweiler, and a friendship quickly developed between the animals.

The panther adapted quickly to life with humans. She came to Victoria at a young age and didn’t have a chance to get used to life in the wild. Victoria emphasized that panthers, as a rule, do not return to the wild, especially at Luna’s age, and she herself doesn’t seek to leave her home. Victoria does everything possible to ensure the panther’s happy life.

Luna most likely won’t be released into the wild. She feels perfectly comfortable in the company of humans.

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