A story of a little cat..

My aunt is a kindest person. When she saw a small baby kitten in the entrance, she, without even hesitation, brought him into her apartment. “He will live with us” she said firmly to her husband.

The husband began to appear, because it was already the third inhabitant of their apartment from the cat family. The other two became very animated at the sight of the baby and began to approach him and sniff. The kitten was frightened and wanted to run away under the sofa, but the aunt caught him and took him in her arms.

— My little! Do not be afraid. You will live with us. We have Marsik and Murka here. What shall we call you? Let’s be Barsik.

But the kitten didn’t answer. He was shaking all over with fear. Aunt knew that the kitten must be shown to the veterinarian just in case. She began to look at him and noticed fleas.

— Oh, you are a flea. That is OK. Let’s get…

Previously, there were no anti-flea drugs on sale and fleas were bred differently. Aunt went to the store and bought dust. She put the kitten in a plastic bag and poured dust into it. The kitten fidgeted all over in the bag, began to scream, then stopped resisting. The bag was filled with fleas, which ran furiously out of the warm and cozy wool.

The aunt opened the bag and, to her great horror, saw that in the two minutes that the kitten was in the bag, he suffocated and died. Aunt’s grief knew no bounds. She buried him with full honors, almost like a person. She even went to church and repented that she had killed a living creature. How many years have passed since then, but she still remembers this sad story and sheds a tear, remembering the kitten and tragic accident.

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