A touching sight.A man holds a koala by the hand, helping her to drink from the water bottle in the scorching summer heat

The heat gives us a lot of discomfort, however, for wild animals, it can have very serious consequences because it is much easier for people to cope with it. Due to high temperatures, unfortunate animals are helpless before droughts. Fortunately, there are times when people come to the rescue and lend a helping hand to creatures in trouble.

As a result, we can only imagine how hard it was for the forest dwellers of Australia when the temperature rose to 45 degrees Celsius. For koalas, this is unbearably high, although some are better prepared to withstand such high temperatures.

Luckily, the locals were ready to help the thirsty animals when the heat wave hit Australia.

When a couple from an Australian town stumbled upon a very thirsty koala, they managed to capture a very horny scene on camera. To save the animal, the man hurried to give her water, which they took with them.

In the meantime, while the husband was taking care of the baby koala, his wife took a video on her mobile phone, which captured an incredibly cute moment.

After that, the animal gave them the most charming «thank you». Joey squeezed the man’s hand in a modest but sweet gesture, expressing her gratitude for his life-saving actions. As a result, the man’s wife posted the video online.And it quickly became incredibly popular, spreading across all social networks.

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