A woman found a mysterious creature near the house that needed help

In Pennsylvania, a local resident found a strange creature near her house.

Christina Eight walking around the local area, noticed footprints in the yard that very much resembled those of a dog. A short search allowed the girl to find the animal itself.

He was trembling badly and looked emaciated.So Christina decided to help the animal. She lured him into the basement to keep him warm and offer food.

The beast was so weakened and exhausted that it was impossible to determine its appearance. Christina guessed it was either an emaciated wild coyote or a stray dog.

Eith took several photos of the discovered animal and posted them on social networks. The pictures were noticed by representatives of the Pennsylvania Society for the Protection of Animals.

Employees arrived at the scene and caught the animal without harming it or causing discomfort. Service workers were also unable to determine who the creature is.

The strange beast was sent for further examination and DNA testing to a local nature reserve. There, the animal will be helped to recover but it already feels much better.

Christina discovered the beast and she is glad that she found it and provided all possible assistance.

If the animal turns out to be a coyote, then she will try to be there when her ward is released into the wild. And if the foundling is a dog, then Eith and her husband will be happy to shelter her and surround her with care.

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