Abandoned kitty with slanted eyes has grown into a gorgeous lady

She was not like all the other kittens, so she was abandoned. After Luna was found alone in the garden, she proved to everyone that she is a real fighter. The unique cat has grown into a chic lady, despite the shortcomings.

Little Luna with two brothers was found in the garden of a private house in New Zealand. The kittens were crying and could not open their eyes.

The owners of the house immediately contacted animal rescue specialists, and one of them, Samantha Boston, took care of the kittens.

All kittens were malnourished, sick with cat flu and infected with worms. Despite the best efforts of the veterinarians, one of the kittens did not survive. Luna and her brother Logan miraculously managed to stay alive.

Luna was a real fighter.When the kittens were finally able to open their eyes after the treatment, Samantha discovered that both of them had slanted eyes. In the hope that something will change, the girl showed the babies to the veterinarians.

Then the doctors said that the eyes of the kittens will forever remain so, but this will not affect their health and vision.

“They are not like everyone else, but that makes them even cuter!” says Samantha.

From the very beginning, the girl noticed that Luna became very attached to her.The cat followed her foster mother everywhere and expressed her love in every possible way.

Charming Luna grew up and thanks to her foster mother, she was a healthy and strong baby.

Soon, a permanent family was found for the grown-up Luna, where she made new friends, the dog Lucca and the rescued kitten Tilly.

This is Love! Sisters Luna and Tilly love each other.

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