After 50 years in chains the rescued elephant breakes down crying expressing his gratitude

The heartbreaking story of this emotional elephant went viral on the Internet several years ago. But until now it continues to touch the hearts of thousands of people.

Animal lovers from all over the world are grateful to know the elephant named Raju is finally released from chains after 50 years of captivity.

The unlucky elephant was just a calf when he was stolen from the wild and had been kept for 50 years as an entertainer animal.

He was abused and used to walk tourists on his back. The poor animal changed 27 owners – all of them cruel.

He was a machine producing money, and when the poor animal has no power to do what the owners ordered, he was punished and brutally beaten.

The elephant was weakened both physically and mentally. There was no one that would stand next to him. So the animal was unable to defend himself.

The years in captivity were a real hell for Raju. Finally, after the long 50 years, the Wildlife SOS organization heard the story of Raju. They found out about the terrible conditions he had for living.

Volunteers rushed for help and released him at night because of the crazy owner’s unexpected attitude.

When the chains were removed, the poor creature burst into tears. It made the volunteers also cry.

Already in the sanctuary, Raju was given a new life where he fully enjoys his life. After a couple of recovery months, the elephant is as joyful as never.

Now, after 6 years of freedom, Raju continues living and receiving all the love and care he was deprived of 50 years.

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