All shelter dogs have gone to new homes, except for the sad dog that no one liked

The social movement in South Wales to find a home for shelter dogs has been a huge success. More than seven hundred pets went to new owners.

And at the end of the weekend dedicated to the event a single dog remained in the empty shelter.

The five-year-old Staffordshire Terrier’s name is Daisel.He was left all alone in an orphanage in Reseford. 149 relatives went home and none of the potential adoptive parents liked this baby.

Although Daisel dated several families people didn’t end up choosing him.

The unfortunate dog felt that no one needed him. He was very sad that all his friends left the shelter one by one and everyone turned away from him.

But recently the dog was still domestic.Unfortunatly people didn’t cope with the pet due to the fact that he was too active. In addition, Daisel was interested in the master’s horses and for some reason they didn’t like it.

The shelter staff believes that it would be much better for the animal to live in the city’s private house and walk in the backyard.

Daisel can walk on a leash and knows basic commands. His heart is overflowing with love for people.So he is very affectionate even with strangers and loves to cuddle.

A lonely animal really wants someone to give him a home and let him become part of the family. The kid dreams of long walks with the owner and a warm soft couch.

This carefree and smiling handsome man will become a true friend to everyone who agrees to let him into their hearts. Volunteers are sure that such a charming dog can’t be alone for a long time.

Let’s wish this pet to find happiness soon))

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