At Seoul Zoo, two adult elephants rescued a cub who nearly drowned in a swimming pool

Animals sometimes have a parental instinct and the ability to help and protect those who are weaker and younger no less, or even more than people, and this example is a vivid proof of this.

In one of the zoos of the capital of South Korea, Seoul, a scene was filmed on a video surveillance camera when a baby elephant fell into the pool and already began to drown, but two adult elephants came up and saved the baby.

The baby could not stay on the surface and the adult elephants panicked and immediately rushed into the water themselves.

They began to push the baby elephant out of the pool, holding it with their trunks, and very soon the baby was released and found himself on land, in complete safety. During this unique «rescue operation», by the way, no one was injured. Both the baby and the brave adult elephants were completely safe and everything ended well.

By the way, it is not uncommon for elephants to risk their own lives to save their cubs and their dedication simply has no limits.

So, recently in one of the Indian villages, an elephant dug for 10 hours in a row, not resting, to pull out her cub, which was stuck in the mud. As a result, the villagers arrived in time to help.

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