Baby monkey gently climbed up on its tiger friend’s back: their friendship soon went viral

Like kids, animals’ babies are so innocent to trust and make friends with everyone.

They can become friends even with someone, whom they see for the first time.

They accept everyone as kind, trustful and cute creatures.

Likewise, they adore playing with each other, spend their whole time together even without thinking something bad.

This is the real friendship type we suppose to see, right?

So, this heart melting story is about a kind and nice friendship between two different species.

The tiny cute friends were so close playing and amusing every time, they met each other, that the zoo workers put both of them into the same enclosure.

Ban Jin, the little monkey, and the cub, named September were transmitted to Hengshui Wildlife Park, located in northern China.

These two adorable creatures had a unique connection to each other since their birthday: Both of them were born merely at the same time.

This naughty baby monkey liked playing with his tolerant and humble friend, jumping on him every time they met.

And the baby tiger, in his turn, enjoyed the presence of his naughty friend. He was so calm and tolerant, who was able to carry the monkey on his back when it’s necessary.

These precious photos were taken by the park staff.

As soon as they published the pictures on the zoo’s page, they went viral very soon.

Most of the followers fell in love with their strange, yet beautiful friendship: they had a strange, but very reliable and nice relationship!

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