«Be a genius and find out who the mother of the child in the photo is!»

«There are two women and a small child in the room. One of the women is his mother.

I suggest you look carefully at the picture and answer the question: where is the mother of the child?

It’s not just an entertaining puzzle in the category where you need to show logic and wit.

It’s also a deep psychological test that will reveal a lot about you.

Note that there is one correct answer here, and only one.

But even if your answer is different, you can still learn something new about yourself based on your choice.

Look carefully at the image and answer which woman the child is playing on the floor of the room: the woman on the left or the woman on the right.

There are only two options, one is correct, the other is not.

But each of your answers will be useful. After all, the essence of the task lies not so much in the puzzle as in psychology.

This is what 70% of people who took this test think.

I admit I gave the same answer. But we were wrong.

Perhaps you answered purely intuitively, without thinking and without looking at the details.

Many pay attention to the appearance of women.

The woman on the left seems to have more comfortable shoes and her hair is pulled back.

It is more practical to follow the child this way than with high heels and loose style.»

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