Blind and deaf dog was even afraid of being touched, but the guy didn’t give up

Sick dogs require a lot of attention and care. Most of all, animals that don’t have hearing and vision need human help, because they are poorly oriented in space.It’s difficult for them to interact with people and other animals.

Aidan Mann and Nashville works in a veterinary clinic as a doctor’s assistant. He gets along well with animals, but even he didn’t manage to learn how to interact with the Flame the first time. The six-month-old puppy was blind and deaf from birth, because of which he reacted in a panic to any touch.

Aidan wasn’t so much frightened by these difficulties as motivated. “I didn’t fully realize how much time and effort it would take, but I understood that I would give all my love and care to this baby and make every effort to make him happy.” Aidan’s plan worked.

Aidan talks about the success of Plama on the social network. In size, the dog is almost the same as his healthy peers. Plum has already got used to the new house and has learned to navigate it, he has become a real fan of walking along the bay.

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