Cat and the dog couldn’t get along…So the owner built a separate entrance for the cat

“Like cat and dog” this is what they say about people who can’t get along in any way.

For Marcin Telus from Edinburgh, this isn’t just an idiom, because representatives of both warring parties live in his house.The cat Simba and the shepherd Zara. There is no open conflict between them, but the pets clearly don’t like each other.

Martin decided to divide the spheres of influence of opponents to defuse the tense atmosphere in the house. So the dog began to live on the first floor and the cat on the second. There was one problem.

The cat was very fond of walking, which means that she inevitably ran into the dog when entering and leaving the house.

Marcin came up with an ingenious solution.A personal entrance for Simba is on the second floor of the house.

This is what this design looks like: horizontal and inclined steps leading to an opening in the wall.

Now Simba has a real climbing wall. The cat has a choice.It can jump and walk up the stairs and if desired take a little nap.

Seems like Simba is happy. After all, cats can only dream of such an entertainment complex.

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