Cute elephant calf captured having tons of fun in a muddy pool during a drought

Children have their own world. They always want to have fun. We also were children who played lots of cool games.

In fact, babies of animals love playing and messing around as well. They find ways to entertain themselves.

Although they don’t have many toys, they can find other interesting activities.

For example, the elephant calf spotted in Kruger National Park was having fun in a muddy place during a hot summer day.

Meanwhile, his heard was looking for water during a drought season. Maureen Gibson – a visitor was lucky enough to witness the adorable scene and take some pictures of the playful elephant calf.

The retired man says that it’s not easy for all of the animals to find water during the dry season.

The elephants walked several miles in search of sub-surface water. They needed to dig the sand and until water comes out from it.

And when the adults were busy solving an issue of huge importance, a baby boy found a muddy place to play in. His mother didn’t like the idea of playing with mud and encouraged the calf with her trunk to come out from it.

It seemed that the calf didn’t want to obey his mom because of the fun he was having. He just loved the mud ”paradise.”

The man who was present there explains that probably the calf was playing with mud for the first time. So he couldn’t keep his joy and happiness.

He also mentions that photographing baby elephants is a pleasure because they are cute and unpredictable!

We hope you enjoyed the unpredictable adventures of the baby elephant!

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